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Establish or enhance your emergency cash reserve.

If your income is interrupted or if an opportunity or need arises, your emergency fund lets you avoid interest costs from borrowing or tax consequences from cashing out investments.

Many experts recommend that you use this method first.
Pay down non-tax
deductible/high rate debt.

Paying off high rate credit cards or other debts will free up your cash flow so you can invest it for growth.

Invest, Invest, Invest.

Max out your 401K contribution. Even a partial match from your employer yields an amazing, instant rate of return.

Got kids? Start or ramp up a college savings plan. Tuition costs are rising faster than inflation. Invest now to help beat the trend.

Make sure you are protected.

Do you have sufficient life, disability and property insurance? Doing everything else right matters little if tragedy strikes and you lose it all due to lack of coverage.

Why not set up a review with your insurance pro today?

Call me if you need a referral to someone who can help.

Pay off your loan faster.

This is not always the best thing to do with your cash (see other prizes), but for some, peace of mind has the best rate of return.

One more thing, too.
How about buying your vacation/retirement home today? Subsidize your payments by renting it out when you aren't there. Then, when you do retire, you will have already built memories in your new home, and you will be well on your way to paying it off. Plus, when you sell your main residence later, the proceeds can fund living expenses. This is not for everyone, but at today's low rates, it may make sense for some.
Never hesitate to reach out with your questions. As always, your referrals are greatly appreciated!

Dreaming of Extra Money?

A refinance often means a lower mortgage payment. When it's time to use your new-found cash, you probably don't want to play around.

Insert a coin to pick up some ideas for leveraging your savings.