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When is $500 worth $100,000?



When is $500 worth $100,000?

Your monthly rental payment may have more home purchasing power than you think.
If your current rent is
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Additional Details

Your selected rental payment of $xxx equals the principal and interest payment for a 30-Year Fixed Rate Loan of $xxxx using the interest rate shown here:

You can adjust this interest rate to see how the loan amount changes accordingly.

Taxes and insurance will vary based on factors such as area, value and property type, yet should always be considered in determining what a total monthly housing cost would be. Let us know anytime you might like to review this in greater detail.


Interest rates are low, and home prices have been on the rise.

What does it mean for you? You may be able to leverage what you are paying in rent into far more home than you might have imagined. Taxes and insurance will be extra and vary by area, but the guide above is a good start.

Reach out, and we'll be happy to calculate how much home your rental payment could be worth.